Delivering the Finest Premium Wines Direct to Your Home, Office and Friends
Wine Agent, Inc. facilitates both inter- and intra-state direct-to-consumer (DTC) wine shipments for the wine-consuming public.  Through our unique, ABC-compliant process, we can convey our special status to various entities – meaning that certain restaurants, charities, and other organizations can originate and profit from DTC  wine purchases.   We arrange the shipping, manage the flow of funds,  and handle customer service.

Wine Agent’s  intermediary role is both revolutionary and legal. Our processing procedure has been approved by the California Alcohol and Beverage Commission, and we have relationships in place to accomplish state-of-the-art order fulfillment.

As an agent for wine purchases, we enable approved non-profits, restaurants and other retailers to originate (and profit from) DTC wine orders where bottles are shipped from winery inventory.

Our system provides major benefits for all parties.  With our Sip & Ship™ program,  restaurants and other outlets become extensions of the tasting room. So wineries enabled by Wine Agent can significantly increase their current sampling and order-acquisition capabilities without competing with or complicating their existing wholesale relationships.

For restaurants, on-premise wine service is suddenly leveraged into DTC orders, providing incremental profits without additional inventory costs. For non-profits, charity dinners are transformed into revenue-producing wine tasting events in which a portion of the consumer's wine purchase qualifies as a tax deduction.

Finally, the consumer benefits because a Wine Agent dining occasion becomes an opportunity to order something that tastes good but may not be readily available in retail establishments near them. Everybody wins, while the wine marketing pie gets bigger

We are in the process of rolling out our program with selected winery and non-profit  associates. If you would like to know more about how our services can enhance your bottom line, contact Bill Wallace at 415-331-2495 or email WRW [at]WineAgent [dot]com.

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